28 December 2008

Xmas Gifts: Movies

from firstshowing
Iron Man is the lighter, funnier side of the superhero coin we got this year, the other side being The Dark Knight, of course. I feel like people tend to forget how good Iron Man is because of its tone (kinda like how comedies usually don't get nominated for film awards), but that tone is one of the many reasons why the movie is so great. Iron Man perfectly captured the playboy character of Tony Stark and the sleek, over-designed world he lives in. I started watching it again recently and the chemistry between the actors is so infectious it just makes you smile. I can't wait to see where they go with this franchise (hopefully more of the James Bond + superpowers thing). 

 from cinemaverdict
What can be said about The Dark Knight that hasn't been said a million times already? It's
one of the best movies of the year. It's easy to single out Heath Ledger's unbelievably committed
and feral performance as the Joker, but everyone in the cast does a great job. I think the biggest
achievement of The Dark Knight is its ability to make you forget you're even watching a superhero
movie. The idea of Batman, the Joker, Gotham City and everything else in the movie is conveyed
so impeccably that the audience is able to cross that line from being an outside viewer to being
someone just experiencing a story.
from myokyawhtun
Wall-E is another movie that doesn't need any more praise. The fact that animated robots
in this movie have more personality than many real-life actors speaks to Pixar's talent. Wall-E
combines the past and the future of movies. A lot of the running time lacks any words, instead
relying on the magic of the moving image to tell the story, while the amazing animation shows
that filmmakers now the have the ability to do almost anything they want.

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