17 May 2009


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Zachary Quinto

15 May 2009


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Emile Hirsch


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Chris Pine, from the new Star Trek film. The movie's amazing, you should go see it if you haven't yet!

My Little Pony: The Movie

I'm not even kidding, I would totally go see this!

Lindsay Lohan

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09 May 2009

06 May 2009


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East Village Boys' Boy of the Week

Check out East Village Boys for the rest!

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The Recent Kate Bosworth

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05 May 2009

Buy It: Peaches, "I Feel Cream"

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It's awesome! In particular, these are good:
-Serpentine (I Don't Give A, Pt. 2)
-Talk to Me
-Lose You
-Mommy Complex

We Missed the Ark!

My friend Lauren made this video and it's hilarious:

I want one of those hoodies.

Hipster or Gay?

I love this site, HIPSTER OR GAY. Basically, all of them are my type, so this shit is gold. I don't know who this dude is but he keeps popping up, and I like it:

I think it's the same guy. 

The Costume Institute Gala

Or, "Hey Everybody, Let's All Dress Fucking Crazy!" Seriously, people were shitshows this year and I absolutely loved it. I like to imagine them all hanging out in Madonna's dad's basement, getting drunk off cheap liquor and fantasizing about how funny the look on Principal Wintour's face is gonna be when they show up to prom. 
Kate Moss has enough attitude to wear anything, but she looks like she just came from Comic Con down the street.
Madonna literally came from the street. The outfit is balls-to-the-wall crazy, but I applaud her for showing up in that mess. 
Is Lauren Hutton wearing a knee brace? These two are the fun aunt and uncle who bought the kids the alcohol and drove them to the dance. 
DROOL. Lazaro Hernandez, you bastard. 
Damn. January Jones looked like sex on legs and makes me even sadder that the third season of Mad Men isn't here yet.

The Costume Institute Gala, continued

Who is this? I mean, I know who she is, but why was she there? To stir the pot, that's why. And with that look on her face, pun intended.  
Really, Kirsten Dunst? This just confirms that she's aware that everyone thinks she dresses weird and just went with a lazy-weird dress instead of a potentially interesting dress.
Normally I hate Versace, but Blake Lively and her leg definitely pulled it off. 
Kate Bosworth looked like a dream, as usual. 
Besides borrowing Lindsay Lohan's fluorescent pink lipstick, Agyness Deyn looked glamorous and kinda normal for once. Twiggy looked a bit wacky, but at her age you can do anything. I love the idea of these two English ladies teaming up.
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The Costume Institute Gala, continued

Sigh. Andre Leon Talley. He looks batshit insane. I think that when Bjork does this it's amusing but when he does it, for some reason, it just gives me the feeling that he absolutely craves attention. Stop it. 
I love Rodarte and think that Jessica Stam looked beautiful in it. 
Selma Blair looked awesome. She just seems like fun and I love her.
Lake Bell looks good, but I liked the wacky Rihanna version better.
Leighton Meester brought the right kind of crazy. I think she pulls it off, mostly because you can tell she's in on the joke and having fun with it.
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The Costume Institute Gala, continued

I actually thought Ashley Olsen looked really great. I love how simple her dress is, but it also has a bit of an edge, just to keep it interesting. I also love her hair. 
Mary-Kate Olsen auditioning for Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, 17 years too late. Really, though, she's awesome and can do whatever she wants.
Zac Posen's cute, and good for Helena Christensen for looking so great, but the whole spelling out "vogue" thing is a bit middle-school-bedazzler. 
Ew. Lara Stone looks gross, plain and simple. 
Rachel Bilson looked nice, but definitely boring. It's the Costume Institute Gala! Go out on a limb! Seriously, everyone else did. 
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03 May 2009

Clothing Optional (Women)

3.1 Phillip Lim
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Good Things From Around The Net

I love the blog Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life. Here is Karl Comic, No. 8:

And here is an excerpt from a poem Karl wrote recently:

People don't like fatties;
Yet what else would we make fun of?
If there were no obese in the world to not be kissed?

The Recent Mary-Kate Olsen

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V Magazine

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I absolutely love V Magazine. There are a lot of different covers for issue 59 but I love this one with Claudia Schiffer because, for real, she looks amazing! I used to do her workout videos when I was a kid. 

Mama's Gumbo

Here's a skit I helped make for my French 201 class recently (I did all of the editing):

18 April 2009

14 April 2009

Good Things From Around The Net

I love this description of what Lars Von Trier's life must be like, from Gabe at Videogum:

"Things start off with a breakfast of moral terror, then there's a casual game of Describe Your Psycho-Sexual Nightmares, followed by a long lunch of gloomy despair and godless abandonment. In the afternoon, everyone is off on their own, hiking through the haunted forest, or desperately fucking in a demon tree, but then it's back to the cabin for a raucous dinner party of deep shadows and animalistic screaming."



The trailer for Lars Von Trier's new movie Antichrist. I was more scared watching that preview than I was watching most horror films I've seen recently!


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Seriously, Mariah? Just Stop It

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Evan Rachel Wood + GQ Magazine

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And shot by one of my favorites, Terry Richardson!