05 May 2009

The Costume Institute Gala, continued

I actually thought Ashley Olsen looked really great. I love how simple her dress is, but it also has a bit of an edge, just to keep it interesting. I also love her hair. 
Mary-Kate Olsen auditioning for Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, 17 years too late. Really, though, she's awesome and can do whatever she wants.
Zac Posen's cute, and good for Helena Christensen for looking so great, but the whole spelling out "vogue" thing is a bit middle-school-bedazzler. 
Ew. Lara Stone looks gross, plain and simple. 
Rachel Bilson looked nice, but definitely boring. It's the Costume Institute Gala! Go out on a limb! Seriously, everyone else did. 
from Style.com

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