18 April 2009

14 April 2009

Good Things From Around The Net

I love this description of what Lars Von Trier's life must be like, from Gabe at Videogum:

"Things start off with a breakfast of moral terror, then there's a casual game of Describe Your Psycho-Sexual Nightmares, followed by a long lunch of gloomy despair and godless abandonment. In the afternoon, everyone is off on their own, hiking through the haunted forest, or desperately fucking in a demon tree, but then it's back to the cabin for a raucous dinner party of deep shadows and animalistic screaming."



The trailer for Lars Von Trier's new movie Antichrist. I was more scared watching that preview than I was watching most horror films I've seen recently!


from JustJared

Seriously, Mariah? Just Stop It

from Just Jared

Evan Rachel Wood + GQ Magazine

from GQ.com
And shot by one of my favorites, Terry Richardson!

Lindsay Lohan Needs Love

11 April 2009

Good Things From Around The Net

Owen Thomas, from Gawker, spits mad truth:

"Self-help gurus like to talk about living in the moment. But if we are constantly documenting the moment in which we live, we stop being able to live in it. Sometimes the most important things happened hours ago, years ago, a century ago — but we are just beginning to understand how they mattered."

Lindsay Lohan

from lindsayarchive.com

Peaches - "Talk To Me"

02 April 2009

Good Things From Around The Net

"It seems that I'm not alone - everyone in my generation hates voices and loves "text," because we have seen our souls melted into goop and our entire selves transformed into antisocial swamp creatures by the internet's deadening glow." -Hamilton Nolan, from Gawker

Gwyneth Paltrow

from Just Jared

Sienna Miller

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Anne Hathaway

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