31 December 2008

More Clever Advertising

from Jezebel
The text reads "no women's bodies were exploited in this ad."


from Urban Outfitters
I'm all for pushing the envelope in regards to fashion, especially with men's clothes, but this is a bit much, in my opinion.

30 December 2008

Self-Portrait #2

Who Is This Guy?

from The Cobrasnake


from The Cobrasnake
For that leather glove.

29 December 2008

Quote of the Day

"Other men said they have seen angels, 
But I have seen thee
and thou art enough."-G. Moore

Clothing Optional

from Net-A-Porter
Marc Jacobs

Clever Shopping Bags.

from Random-Good-Stuff

I Want To Meet Her Someday...

from LastNight'sParty
...but maybe just to meet Geordon.


from LastNight'sParty
The girls, that is. 

Black Nails On A Dude!

from LastNight'sParty
Love it. 

28 December 2008

Xmas Gifts: Movies

from firstshowing
Iron Man is the lighter, funnier side of the superhero coin we got this year, the other side being The Dark Knight, of course. I feel like people tend to forget how good Iron Man is because of its tone (kinda like how comedies usually don't get nominated for film awards), but that tone is one of the many reasons why the movie is so great. Iron Man perfectly captured the playboy character of Tony Stark and the sleek, over-designed world he lives in. I started watching it again recently and the chemistry between the actors is so infectious it just makes you smile. I can't wait to see where they go with this franchise (hopefully more of the James Bond + superpowers thing). 

 from cinemaverdict
What can be said about The Dark Knight that hasn't been said a million times already? It's
one of the best movies of the year. It's easy to single out Heath Ledger's unbelievably committed
and feral performance as the Joker, but everyone in the cast does a great job. I think the biggest
achievement of The Dark Knight is its ability to make you forget you're even watching a superhero
movie. The idea of Batman, the Joker, Gotham City and everything else in the movie is conveyed
so impeccably that the audience is able to cross that line from being an outside viewer to being
someone just experiencing a story.
from myokyawhtun
Wall-E is another movie that doesn't need any more praise. The fact that animated robots
in this movie have more personality than many real-life actors speaks to Pixar's talent. Wall-E
combines the past and the future of movies. A lot of the running time lacks any words, instead
relying on the magic of the moving image to tell the story, while the amazing animation shows
that filmmakers now the have the ability to do almost anything they want.

27 December 2008

Pot Psychology 12/26/08

Can You Get An STD From Sharing Nasal Spray? from Pot Psychology on Vimeo.

I freaking love this and look forward to it every friday. 

Pro-Skinny Jeans

Big Names, Tiny Pants

I love skinny jeans and I love guys in skinny jeans so this gallery is A+ all around. 

<3 Nicole Richie

Sweet sunglasses, check. Killer shoes, check.
I'm a sucker for the all-black look when it's done right. Her hair is fun and that skirt is really nice. I actually like what Joel's wearing too; I love leather and his outfit is simple and goes well with Nicole's.
from JustJared

24 December 2008

Clothing Optional

Sonia Rykiel
from Net-A-Porter

Clothing Optional

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors
from Net-A-Porter

My Weekly Horoscope

PISCES (February 19-March 20): We've seen it approaching for a while now. The definitive moment when we finally must take action on whatever situation we've watched worsen, deepen, deaden, intensify, slip further down the hole, or turn ever more entrenched or hopeless… And at last, that moment has arrived. The signs are everywhere. Things will change—either through our courageous choice to turn this ship around and humbly regroup, or by passively allowing external circumstances to deteriorate further, pushing us toward a crisis we'd rather hide from. How will you have it go, Pisces? These closing couple weeks of the year are an ideal moment to consider your strategies for confronting Pluto's new longtime home in your 11th, the house of our larger social connection to friend groups, communities of shared interests, niches of like-minded individuals, and society at large. Over the coming months and years, you'll be confronted with the consequences (good and bad) of aligning yourself with certain individuals—or, as the case may be, of isolating yourself from them. Again and again, you will encounter examples of how powerfully your wishes and ideals are influenced by those you keep company with. Which begs me to ask: Are the current peer influences on your behavior healthy, or not? Are you surrounded with the folks who will bring you closer to the life you want to lead, or with those who distract you from (or even actively undermine your relationship with) what's really important? Remember: Your life is not merely a set of circumstances passively stumbled into, but also (and rather profoundly) the results of decisions made. Saturn's station to retrograde in your 7th indicates a revisiting of the recent work you have (or haven't) put in, in terms of holding sane practically-minded boundaries in your primary one-on-one relationships so they fuel your real-world goals (rather than steal energy from them). And, to hear Venus and Neptune in your 12th tell it, don't underestimate the force of projecting massive blasts of positive loving energy to yield mysterious miracles that may well unite people you never thought you'd see come together. Of all the signs, you, Pisces, can create some major magic by channeling your idealistic love for all creation into intentions that help heal the world. With Jupiter in your 12th throughout all of 2009, the planets obviously expect you to lend a heartfelt hand in that arena.
from Astrobarry

20 December 2008

Blonde Ambition

Ashlee Simpson has finally returned to blonde hair, thank goodness! I've always thought she looked better blonde, in general, but I especially like the shade of blonde she goes for. 
from Jezebel

19 December 2008

Personal Style Icon

I know that I would hate what she's wearing on anyone else, but Kate Bosworth can pull just about anything off. Even acid wash jeans. 
from JustJared

17 December 2008


Jennifer Connelly looking very stylish in Japan.
from JustJared

Clothing Optional

from TwelveByTwelve

16 December 2008

My Horoscope

PISCES (February 19-March 20): If what I wrote to you last time indeed resonated with your internal sense of what's going on with you, then, Pisces, you'll agree there are crucial life-defining questions presently confronting you. It's possible that the sheer magnitude of what you're facing—and the choice of whether to assert personal agency or passively settle for whatever you're dealt—has snuck up on you, Pisces, after at least a year or so of gradual growth. For instance, what seemed like 'a minor chronic inconvenience' last time you consciously checked in may well have metastasized into 'a soul-crushing albatross'. 'Less-satisfying' situations might've invisibly devolved to the point of 'unlivable'. And yet, if you want to preserve your hope in a much-improved tomorrow, you'll have to acknowledge the circumstances have worsened to the point you must take action—even while your sensitive soul might require some degree of 'shielding' from the most brutal emotional realizations, lest you become shocked into paralysis. If you were to read these words while under the influence of some blissfully intoxicating substance or totally idealistic mindset, they might not sound nearly so mammoth in consequence… and you'd perhaps be better able to swallow the whole truth, though without maintaining much initiative for carrying out the real-world steps necessary to pull yourself out. That what's so ultimately self-defeating about escapist behaviors: They may soften the emotional blow, but, along with it, anesthetize away the sensation of 'crisis' necessary to get us off our asses. I wonder, then: Is it possible for you to achieve a convincing inner calm, based on 'escaping' some of the worry that might otherwise incapacitate you, while still maintaining enough pragmatic awareness of your life situation that you remember to keep fighting?
from Astrobarry

Clothing Optional


Marc Jacobs
from Net-A-Porter

Versace Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

I'm surprised I liked any at all! Normally I HATE Versace.
from Style.com

15 December 2008

Don't Be So Paranoid

Kanye West
from the Cobrasnake

<3 Them

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden
from lastnightsparty

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

from Style.com

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

from Style.com

13 December 2008

David Wojnarowicz

Queer Trash

I came across this website today, http://queertrash.com/. You should check it out! The artwork is beautiful. 

12 December 2008

11 December 2008


I love how bold and aggressive these photos and clothes are.
from Fashionista

Generation H20

Generation H2O from John Overwine on Vimeo.

Here's a video my sister helped make for school. I think its really great!

10 December 2008

Quote of the Day

"People who make their own rules usually feel kind of alone, left out, but in reality they become leaders." -Lazaro Hernandez

Rihanna looking fresh...

...as usual

Kristen Stewart

Can I just say that I'm starting to love her? I refuse to see Twilight, but with the unconventional fashion choices, weird talk show appearances, mysterious smoking-pot-on-the-porch pics, and greasy hair, I have to admit that this girl is getting on my good side.
from The Skinny Website

Nice pic

from Glamcanyon