24 December 2008

My Weekly Horoscope

PISCES (February 19-March 20): We've seen it approaching for a while now. The definitive moment when we finally must take action on whatever situation we've watched worsen, deepen, deaden, intensify, slip further down the hole, or turn ever more entrenched or hopeless… And at last, that moment has arrived. The signs are everywhere. Things will change—either through our courageous choice to turn this ship around and humbly regroup, or by passively allowing external circumstances to deteriorate further, pushing us toward a crisis we'd rather hide from. How will you have it go, Pisces? These closing couple weeks of the year are an ideal moment to consider your strategies for confronting Pluto's new longtime home in your 11th, the house of our larger social connection to friend groups, communities of shared interests, niches of like-minded individuals, and society at large. Over the coming months and years, you'll be confronted with the consequences (good and bad) of aligning yourself with certain individuals—or, as the case may be, of isolating yourself from them. Again and again, you will encounter examples of how powerfully your wishes and ideals are influenced by those you keep company with. Which begs me to ask: Are the current peer influences on your behavior healthy, or not? Are you surrounded with the folks who will bring you closer to the life you want to lead, or with those who distract you from (or even actively undermine your relationship with) what's really important? Remember: Your life is not merely a set of circumstances passively stumbled into, but also (and rather profoundly) the results of decisions made. Saturn's station to retrograde in your 7th indicates a revisiting of the recent work you have (or haven't) put in, in terms of holding sane practically-minded boundaries in your primary one-on-one relationships so they fuel your real-world goals (rather than steal energy from them). And, to hear Venus and Neptune in your 12th tell it, don't underestimate the force of projecting massive blasts of positive loving energy to yield mysterious miracles that may well unite people you never thought you'd see come together. Of all the signs, you, Pisces, can create some major magic by channeling your idealistic love for all creation into intentions that help heal the world. With Jupiter in your 12th throughout all of 2009, the planets obviously expect you to lend a heartfelt hand in that arena.
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