08 December 2008

My weekly horoscope

From astrobarry:

PISCES (February 19-March 20):
 The battle for conscious control of your life—and let's be frank, Pisces, this is nothing less than a fight—shall not be waged away from public view. Delightful as it might seem to imagine taking care of all your emotional business in a secluded bubble, where nobody can steal glimpses of the heavy baggage you've been lugging around (and are hopefully in the active process ofshedding), and then emerging into the light as a perfectly reconfigured butterfly, no residual hints of the primordial caterpillar remaining… that's simply not how it's slated to happen. We may privately cling to clear notions of what we'd like to fix about our fractured being, yet often lack a pressurizing impetus to spin us outward from the comfortably continual circling in place. Luckily for us (though we might struggle, in the moment, to call it 'luck'), external developments push us to act, as we know we should. Sometimes, it even takes the appearance of unanticipated crisis—and by 'crisis', I merely mean an inevitable climax of events, which demands a response—to knock us off our complacent asses. The battle, then, is fought through our refusal to fall down, curl up, feel sorry for ourselves, or otherwise throw in the towel. It's a show of indomitable spirit, of sheer faith in the never-ending abundance of new opportunities, no matter if our previous touchstones appear to be crumbling before our eyes. The battle is yours to win: by demanding victory, outwardly, for all the world to see.

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