16 December 2008

My Horoscope

PISCES (February 19-March 20): If what I wrote to you last time indeed resonated with your internal sense of what's going on with you, then, Pisces, you'll agree there are crucial life-defining questions presently confronting you. It's possible that the sheer magnitude of what you're facing—and the choice of whether to assert personal agency or passively settle for whatever you're dealt—has snuck up on you, Pisces, after at least a year or so of gradual growth. For instance, what seemed like 'a minor chronic inconvenience' last time you consciously checked in may well have metastasized into 'a soul-crushing albatross'. 'Less-satisfying' situations might've invisibly devolved to the point of 'unlivable'. And yet, if you want to preserve your hope in a much-improved tomorrow, you'll have to acknowledge the circumstances have worsened to the point you must take action—even while your sensitive soul might require some degree of 'shielding' from the most brutal emotional realizations, lest you become shocked into paralysis. If you were to read these words while under the influence of some blissfully intoxicating substance or totally idealistic mindset, they might not sound nearly so mammoth in consequence… and you'd perhaps be better able to swallow the whole truth, though without maintaining much initiative for carrying out the real-world steps necessary to pull yourself out. That what's so ultimately self-defeating about escapist behaviors: They may soften the emotional blow, but, along with it, anesthetize away the sensation of 'crisis' necessary to get us off our asses. I wonder, then: Is it possible for you to achieve a convincing inner calm, based on 'escaping' some of the worry that might otherwise incapacitate you, while still maintaining enough pragmatic awareness of your life situation that you remember to keep fighting?
from Astrobarry

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