05 May 2009

The Costume Institute Gala

Or, "Hey Everybody, Let's All Dress Fucking Crazy!" Seriously, people were shitshows this year and I absolutely loved it. I like to imagine them all hanging out in Madonna's dad's basement, getting drunk off cheap liquor and fantasizing about how funny the look on Principal Wintour's face is gonna be when they show up to prom. 
Kate Moss has enough attitude to wear anything, but she looks like she just came from Comic Con down the street.
Madonna literally came from the street. The outfit is balls-to-the-wall crazy, but I applaud her for showing up in that mess. 
Is Lauren Hutton wearing a knee brace? These two are the fun aunt and uncle who bought the kids the alcohol and drove them to the dance. 
DROOL. Lazaro Hernandez, you bastard. 
Damn. January Jones looked like sex on legs and makes me even sadder that the third season of Mad Men isn't here yet.

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