19 January 2009

My Weekly Horoscope

PISCES (February 19-March 20): One terribly fortuitous feature to your week ahead is the conjunction of exalted lovely-lady Venus, goddess of love and money, and anarchic Uranus in your sign. We can interpret this aspect quite simply: Be open to receiving the universe's fruitful benefits (in love and/or money, as well as more generally) through unexpected, surprising or out-and-out unsettling happenings. This is astrology at its most basic… and just the generic sort of horoscopic advice that leaves a band of skeptics in its wake. Let me add more, then: Venus also faces an opposition to Saturn in your 7th, which indicates that, if you aren't welcoming the cavalcade of beneficial fruits supposedly due to arrive, the obstruction is a result of your relationship with another individual. Now, the core of the horoscope comes into clearer view. The promise of blessings and bounties is inextricably tied to a willingness to embrace this quality of unsettling surprise, especially as it bestows upon you a surge of individual freedom and excitement… yet, at the same time, appears to threaten a continuance of the same-ol' status-quo situation in that principal relationship. Is your relationship important enough to limit your openness to unforeseen opportunities? Does this person keep you healthily grounded, or keep you from evolving? I don't know the right answer for you. Ask at least three friends, if you need additional feedback.
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