10 February 2009

Lily Allen

from play.rocknpopcast.com

So I downloaded Lily Allen's new CD It's Not Me, It's You today, in addition to her first CD, Alright, Still. I had heard and liked a couple of her well-known songs, like "Smile", "LDN", and "Alfie" before, but didn't really get interested until I saw the video for "The Fear". 

Both CD's are great, but surprisingly different. In terms of shared things, both CD's have Lily's trademark attitude and explicit, hilarious lyrics. Alright, Still is more hip-hop influenced and grimy while It's Not Me, It's You is decidedly more pop. INM,IY is also a bit more downbeat and chilly; overall, it's just a sadder album. 

I love both of them, anyway, and Lily's now one of my new favorites.

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